Caerphilly Ukulele Band Go from Strength to Strength


The formation of the of the Band has been a great success as a vehicle for bonding existing members and recruiting new members.

In this Photo the Band are entertaining around a thousand people happily enjoying the sing along songs while waiting for Father Christmas to arrive on his sleigh to switch on the Caerphilly Town Xmas lights and bathe the streets in brilliant colours.




In Picture Below

Shows our first Caerphilly Lady Lion to join the band at a Xmas lights Switch-on event and she has brought her skills with the base instrument, which gives an additional dimension to our sound.


The Ukulele is arguably claimed to be one of the easiest musical to start playing and schools are beginning to use them to introduce youngsters to the playing of musical instruments. Furthermore Ukulele’s can be a great sing along fun instrument.

Ukulele’s suitable for beginners can be purchased new for under £20

Caerphilly Lions Ukulele Band can also claim to have as their Leader an internationally acclaimed maker of Ukulele’s
Anyone interested in joining Lions will also be given the opportunity to make music can contact us through our website
We normally practice on Thursday nights and play in Residential Home’s for the elderly, Pensioners Halls, Schools and various other events normally every 2nd Tuesday


Contact us on email.